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Blackout Pleated Paper Shade Blinds BLACK

Blackout Pleated Paper Shade Blinds BLACK

Ref: 3760148871043

When a good night’s sleep is all you need, sometimes the most beautiful color is a perfectly dark room. That is exactly what you get when you remove 99% of light with Redi Shade’s Original Blackout Shade. Trim this pleated shade at home for a perfect fit, then install without any tools – no drill, screws or brackets needed. Ideal for any space that requires complete light control and privacy like bedrooms, children’s rooms, and movie rooms. This blackout shade is made of durable paper in the USA.brackets needed. Choose from recyclable white or recycled natural colors to fit any decor. These light filtering shades are made in the USA of durable paper.SA of durable paper.

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Price: 15.55 (Including VAT at 20%)

Trim-to-Fit Sizes (W x H)

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